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Matt Seasholtz

Matt Seasholtz’s education at Lehigh University and early work experience were in the field of engineering. He began working in glass with Joel Bless at the Glasslight Studio, a studio specializing in hand-blown glass lighting. At Glasslight, Seasholtz was a senior gaffer and product designer. He also taught beginning to advanced glassblowing. Matt started designing his own work in the late 1980’s, selling locally. In the mid 1990’s he began exhibiting as an independent artist. He has always tried to create work using simple and clean lines. His Optic Flower bowls and vases are examples of this approach. The bowls and vases use transparent colors and the optic mold to create forms that give the appearance of expansive blooms. His Bottle series redefines the bottle to hold only light, line and color. Matt Seasholtz left Glasslight late in 2003 to move to Vermont. He finished building his own studio in November 2004 and has been producing his blown glass creations there since then.

Here are some examples of his work (please click on an image for a larger view):